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A Spring Editorial About Happiness

12 April 2021

After a tough year in which I shot rarely, I was looking forward to doing what I love most again. Spring looked like a sort of rebirth, playful and engaging, joyful and happy. And that’s how I approached this spring editorial shoot at the Villa di Catignano. The model’s sweet laughs speak of the excitement for my work and to produce beauty in general which burn within me. The flowers represent hope, strong but delicate, with a multitude of shades.

A heartfelt thanks to the friends of FlowersLiving who are always there, even when the world seems to be collapsing. To Sofia, who is still in love with her villa, as on her first day. To Melograno Wedding Lab, who is always the first to get up and running, with a smile. And to all my friends in the wedding industry, who are suffering and hoping with us. Stay strong.


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