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My creative process is all about crafting photographs that are not just precious but hold profound meaning in your hearts - these are the treasures I aim to preserve.


The name Facibeni originates from the Latin "Facere Bene," which translates to "Doing Good."

It's also my Nonna's surname. She was a remarkable woman who played a vital role in shaping the person I am today. Grounded in unwavering faith, she instilled love for art and tradition and in raising her family, leaving behind a lasting legacy that I hold dear, and one I'm certain my son will too.

The allure of her simplicity has always captivated me, and when it came to naming my business, her influence was impossible to ignore.

Today, Facibeni stands as a brand that embodies the values passed down through generations in my family. It serves as a constant reminder of my identity and my roots.

Lara is a wedding photographer in Italy


Don't be fooled by her timeless beauty and bluest eyes, because beneath all that exterior lies a deeply passionate photographer who is just bursting with ideas. Lara has an undisputed eye for beauty; she's a master in ethereal and painterly bridal portraits. Deeply inspired by fashion photographers, she's always looking to capture genuine moments as they naturally unfold.

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On her day off, you will find her sunbathing on the beach or planning her family's next journey.

Giuseppe is in the Facibeni team like wedding photographer
Facibeni Fotografia Wedding Photographers in Italy


After sacrificing his dream of becoming an astronaut for photography, Giuseppe is all about capturing love stories in a fun and authentic way. With over 10 years of experience, he knows how to spot those perfect moments and turn them into stunning photos.

Whether you want traditional or modern, Giuseppe will bring your vision to life. Blue eyes, his beaming grin is like a secret weapon - it can charm even the most demanding clients.


Texas, USA


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