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The Top Designers of Wedding Shoes

During the past ten years of wedding photography, I met and shot so many brides and pretty wedding shoes! And even if I hadn’t been a bride – actually I was a groom a few years ago! –  I know how much girls want to be perfect on their wedding day; when all eyes of their friends and families will be on them.

This is not the first time that I deal with bridal shoes. I’ve already explained here why heels – or fancy footwear – is a must to make every bride feel pretty and chic at the same time. I’m not an expert, but I’m a lover: so please forgive me if I get over-the-top here, but that’s what I’d love to work with – more than wedding photography BTW! 🤫

valentino rockstud

Today I want to list who are best designers of wedding shoes – in my opinion. Some of them are not very well-known, but I’m sure you will appreciate their works! Please note I’m not listing the cheapest brands, so if you’re emptying your pockets to be a fashion Cinderella, blaming me won’t make you feel better! 😢


All Italian craftsmanship weds beauty and style. Who wouldn’t want to wear the transgressive Rockstud or the romantic Bow Lace Pumps? Choosing Valentino is the best for both fashion-addicted and traditional brides. Elegance always wins.

Jimmy Choo

This brand is an icon for many stylish brides all around the world. Jimmy Choo offers the most complete and extensive bridal collections to meet the requirements of the whole feminine earth.

jimmy choo bridal shoes

Lace, jewels, glittering coatings and much more. Impossible not to find the best match for any wedding dress.


The famous red sole became a must for brides – and grooms BTW – more demanding regarding style. Many models by Louboutin are suitable for all wedding dresses. The ballerinas deserve a particular mention.

Louboutin shoes
louboutin shoes for the groom
Louboutin flat shoes


This brand from Florence Italy is becoming the most elegant, fashionable and luxurious choice for the most challenging brides. Aquazzurra makes terrific shoes made entirely in Italy. Handcrafted pieces that are comparable to real works of art. The collections are extensive, and you will find many great models to match your wedding gown.

Aquazzurra bridal shoes
Aquazzurra bridal heels


Sergio Rossi

This brand is undoubtedly one of the most famous amongst Italian brides. His creations are luxurious and sophisticated, expensive and elegant. Not everyone knows that in addition to the models for men and women, Sergio Rossi provides an extensive collection for brides.

Sergio Rossi Shoes

Mascia Mandolesi

This brand pays a lot of attention to the material and ergonomics of the shoe, but also to comfort. Mascia Mandolesi produces all the collections in Italy and chooses the best craftsmen in the country to create precious and elegant artworks, simple but always contemporary. Mascia’s brides are naturally chic, modern and attentive to the tradition.

mascia mandolesi
mascia mandolesi bridal shoes


Pedro Garcia

This brand tells the story of a family which has always believed in shoes created to perfection. The tradition is carried on today by the third generation, the brothers Mila and Pedro who brought the brand to a new level, meeting the new tendencies of the most fashionable and modern brides.

pedro garcia shoes

The models Pedro Garcia are unique and certainly not trivial, suitable for those brides who are looking for a quality brand that is not merely popular. At more vintage touch for a bride who doesn’t want a compromise on quality and material.

Renee Caovilla

Exclusive shoe brand for the bride who seeks elegance, luxury and all Italian craftsmanship in one accessory.

renee caovilla shoes
renee caovilla shoes

The Renee Caovilla brand is a strong reference to the Venetian style, made of luxurious fabrics, precious embroideries and shimmering gems. A world to be discovered, a history of 83 years. The artisans of the Caovilla company take two days of careful and meticulous work to create each work of art, to give brides a real jewel made in Italy.

O Jour

This is a brand, created by the designer Giorgia Cavilla, has modernised the concept of “made in Italy” bringing it closer to the requirements of an international and cosmopolitan public. Among her women’s collections, unique and full of personality, Giorgia designs gorgeous bridal models fresh and fashionable, that can be adapted to many different styles of dress.

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