may 13th, 2021

For destination wedding photographers, the pandemic has been a very challenging time and an opportunity to broaden our perspective and look for new sources of inspiration. Italy is full of beautiful places, which we Italians unfortunately often take too much for granted. Having the chance to return part of what we receive every day in the form of backgrounds, textures, but also joie de vivre, food, and beauty in general looked dutiful.

In my latest blog post, I was talking about the Italian daily race to beauty. And when it comes to developing this project with Elena from Melograno Wedding Lab and FlowersLiving, our first goal has always been to create something beautiful and timeless. We've been helped by a gorgeous model and many other talented Italian vendors, who supported our efforts to set up a memorable shoot in the breathtaking Continental Hotel in Siena. We couldn't be happier with the result!