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Church Wedding at La Certosa

For those who dream of a religious marriage, there are many beautiful churches in the Florence area. The old town is rich in ancient and glorious cathedrals. An old Carthusian monastery is located on a hilltop surrounded by the Florentine countryside. It was the location of this stunning Church Wedding at La Certosa del Galluzzo.

These charming lovebirds from Scotland got dressed and ready in the gorgeous Villa Cora, a stone’s throw from the historic centre and the artistic beauties of Florence. The bride looked even more beautiful after the superb make-up made by Anna Matanovic. The lipstick was perfectly in tune with the colour of the bouquets, the table decorations and the favours for the guests. A real treat!

The religious ceremony took place inside La Certosa. The bride arrived on a stunning Bentley and climbed the stairs leading to the altar with her father, both very excited. Thanks to the beauty of the setting for ceremony and reception, I took the first part of the wedding photos there, and some other pictures in the gardens and inside Villa Cora. I directed the newlyweds, still nervous, while they were enjoying a stroll in the lush gardens after a lovely celebration.

The first part of the wedding reception took place of the rooftop, overlooking Florence. Canapes with raw seafood and champagne have delighted the guests before dinner. The wedding table was set up inside the Hall of Mirrors of Villa Cora, surrounded by centuries-old frescoes and baroque statues. There could not be a better setting for the meal! Here are some pictures of this wonderful Church Wedding at La Certosa.