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Cloudy Spring Elopement at Borgo Pignano

If you are considering an elopement in Italy, know that spring is one of the most beautiful moments of the year. Autumn colours give room to a brilliant green, daisies and lilac flowers begin to repopulate the fields, and the light gets warmer and warmer. People also regain their good mood and start to live the countryside, in order to get rid of a long winter spent at home. That said, spring seems to be the best time to get married in Italy. And it would be, except that the weather is really crazy then! These American lovebirds, who have chosen to get married in May in one of the most beautiful venues of Tuscany, experienced it personally.

Borgo Pignano is a luxury resort, the result of a renovation of an ancient villa, surrounded by a vast property. It is located a few miles from Volterra, a famous fortified village, and welcomes its visitors with exclusive settings and stunning views of Chianti. Florence, Siena and San Gimignano can be reached by car, the first two within an hour and San Gimignano even faster. The resort is very romantic, with gardens you can walk anytime, a pool carved into the rock and a library. You can also spend your time in horseback riding, massages and long walks in the stunning countryside.

The newlyweds exchanged their vows and rings on the top of the tower, surrounded by a breathtaking view, made even more majestic by grey clouds thickening on the horizon. Afterwards, I captured their wedding photos in the most impressive spots of Borgo Pignano. Some pictures in the courtyard with the pretty church in the background; some on the lawn near the swimming pool; others at the entrance of the property near a fantastic vintage Fiat 500. The weather has not been kind to them. Luckily it didn’t rain, but the sun didn’t pee through the clouds all day long. Nevertheless, their portraits are gorgeous – I know, it was easy, as she’s amazing. We are sure that they will not forget so easily their elopement at Borgo Pignano.

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