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July 7th, 2021

Our first time at this castle in Umbria was in the spring of 2020, to meet the beautiful Brianna who was planning her destination wedding in Italy. At that time, the castle was still under renovation, but we could already see the incredible features. Today is the most amazing place in central Italy, the perfect place for any kind of luxurious stay. The bride, of Italian roots, had really seen into it.

The newlyweds got ready together with bridesmaids and groomsmen in the luxurious rooms of the castle, before exchanging vows and rings at one of the villas on the property. A touching ceremony in a beautiful setting overlooking the surrounding untouched countryside. Here I also captured a few bride and groom photos, before they rejoined their friends and family who were eagerly awaiting them to start the celebration. Really a long night, with so many moments to cherish for years to come. And my favorite things in life: beauty, delicious food, and the greatest company. What else?