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Lovely Elopement in Lucca

Among the many locations for elopements in Tuscany, Lucca is one of the less-known but most beautiful. The town, maybe because not very touristy, enchants hundreds of visitors who stumble here almost by accident. The high walls and cafes alfresco are immortalised by lots of people wishing to take home a piece of it. Besides being beautiful, Lucca also provides hundreds of fabulous venues for weddings, such as villas, castles and even 100 churches scattered throughout its countryside. From far away Australia, these lovers chose to elope here to crown their dream on love. They got ready at Villa Michaela, before heading to the centre of Lucca for the civil ceremony.

Villa Michaela is a remarkable example of the kind of villas that dot the countryside. It’s a beautiful building nestled in the hills; the grounds are flourishing, and the villa looks to fit seamlessly into its surroundings. Beyond beautiful rooms and magnificent views, Villa Micaela has traditional frescoes decorating its walls, a chapel and a dining room complete with elegant chandeliers. Wandering the villa makes you feel as if you have stepped back into the past and onto a film set. The wedding planners Ilbiancoeilrosa could not recommend a better place as the base for an elopement in Lucca.

The civil ceremony took place at Palazzo Orsetti. The newlyweds have walked the impressive staircase to access the Sala Verde, where the officer celebrated their civil rite. The wedding photos have been captured in the streets of the centre and the garden of Palazzo Pfanner, among tourists also anxious to get a shot of the newlyweds to take home. Without the chaos of hundreds of guests following them, I had the attention of the bride and groom all to myself. That’s why I love elopements! I didn’t pray on it and, after the photo shoot, I left the couple alone to enjoy the rest of the evening. Of course, they won’t quickly forget their elopement in Lucca! Please see below some photos!