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Laid Back Elopement in Tuscany

27 December 2018

Borgo Santo Pietro is a luxury resort located in southern Tuscany, among rolling hills and endless fields of sunflowers, lost in the countryside, a stone’s throw from the famous Abbey of San Galgano. The heart of the venue is the main old villa, which houses the restaurant and the reception, plus a few rooms for the guests. All around, the prettiest and most Tuscan villas ever, along roads with gravel and perfectly-shaped cypress trees. Borgo Santo Pietro is the quintessence of Tuscany indeed; you won’t find any other venues so well designed and styled. Thanks to the pool, the endless gardens, and its great features – including a renowned restaurant – it is the best spot to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Tuscany. Or a symbolic celebration, if you’re crazy in love. Like these lovebirds of New York that had decided to flee here on a warm autumn day.

For their elopement in Tuscany, the groom waited for the bride out of her room, as she wants to be seen for the first time in all of her glory.  Later on, we had a great time strolling through the property and taking their wedding photos in the most attractive spots. Borgo Santo Pietro provides the best features for wedding photographers, especially in the late afternoon, in the warm light of the Tuscan sunsets. I portrayed the newlyweds along pretty paths, surrounded by bushes with colourful flowers and roses. Surprisingly, every sight, every old gate, every stone used to build this charming village speaks about Tuscany, of the flow of the seasons in an ethereal charm that envelops everything.

I greeted the newlyweds after sunset, just before they sat down for dinner, finally alone to toast each other. I hope to meet them again soon, maybe at Borgo Santo Pietro, or perhaps in New York, their homeland. Anyway, I will never forget their elopement in Tuscany for sure!

portrait of a pretty bride on the steps of the villa
one of the garden of Borgo Santo Pietro in Chiusdino, the tables and sofas on the the gravel.
bridal bouque with pink peonies
wedding and engagement rings
the wall if the main villa of borgo santo pietro, with cypress tress and red motorcycles
the detail of a window architecture with red flowers
louboutin shoes on the veil
bride touching the groom of his shoulder for the first look
groom hugging the bride after seeing her with her dress on for the first time
the first look of bride and groom
newlyweds posing for the photographer in the garden of borgo santo pietro in tuscany at sunset
portrait of the bride and the groom at sunset in the garden
wedding photo on the old bride inside the property of borgo santo pietro in tuscany
wedding photographer tuscany
wedding photo in borgo santo pietro
bridal portrait at sunset
olive leaves closeup
bride and groom happily looking at each other on a red italian motorcycle
a detail of borgo santo pietro
bride and groom looking at each other in a road surrounder by willow trees
wedding photos in Tuscany
the groom walink inside the property
photographer tuscany
getting married in tuscany
happy bride holding the bouquet
a kiss at dusk with tuscan countryside in the background

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