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Family Photos in Chianti

Family photos in Chianti have always been one of the most popular services for our customers. Often by Americans that come for a friend’s destination wedding in Tuscany or Florence. They seize the moment and get portrayed together with their families among the vineyards and rolling hills of Chianti. But we could easily see engagement and honeymoon sessions as family photos also, even if only with two people in love. But when there is love, Facibeni is always on the front line.

Italy has always been the favourite holiday destination for millions of people around the world. There is no better place to produce lovely memories of a family’s life. Just think of the lagoon of Venice, or the Colosseum of Rome and the magnificent scenery of the Cinque Terre. Tuscany is one of the most popular locations, thanks to its hills and roads with cypress trees lined on the sides. And then, what could be more artistic than the light of Tuscany at sunset? Hundreds of families choose to rent a gorgeous villa in the Chianti where they can spend time between swimming pool dives, pizza parties and day trips to beautiful historical towns like San Gimignano or Florence. So why not take some time to get portraits taken with your loved ones? So did this splendid family from North America.

We met in the late afternoon at their villa in Chianti. I captured some artistic photos of the family all together, and a few pictures of the kids with their parents. BTW, the time of the holidays is perhaps the most suitable time to be portrayed with kids. Without the stress of everyday life, there is more time to unwind; faces are more relaxed, and people are generally happier to spend time together. Tuscany also helps to capture incredible family shots. The light of sunset gently envelops expressions and smiles, painting everything beautifully. The families allowed me to produce precious memories, which we are sure grandparents will be happy to look at in the years to come. And maybe even great-grandchildren, when we will be gone. But isn’t that the meaning of a family photograph in the end?