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Best Florence Wedding Venues

Welcome to a world where the heart of Florence’s charm meets the elegance of weddings. Explore enchanting venues that redefine luxury, romance, and rustic allure in the picturesque landscapes of Florence. From historic villas to chic hotels, each Florence Wedding Venue listed below encapsulates a unique narrative, promising couples an unforgettable setting for their dream wedding. 

Join us on this journey as we unveil the hidden gems and iconic locales that make Florence the epitome of love and celebration.


Villa Cora

Where Luxury Meets Romance in Florence

Nestled in the heart of Florence, Villa Cora stands as an icon of refined luxury and timeless beauty. This five-star haven combines exquisite accommodations, a stunning monumental garden, and a dedication to unparalleled service, offering couples an enchanting setting for their dream wedding.

couple kiss on the stairs of villa Cora at dusk

Luxurious Haven in Florence

Discover the epitome of luxury at Villa Cora, a five-star hotel nestled in the heart of Florence. Offering unparalleled accommodations, this opulent retreat sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding experience.

A Garden Oasis

Amidst the city’s vibrant bustle lies Villa Cora’s gem—a breathtaking monumental garden. A serene escape, it’s the perfect backdrop for romantic ceremonies and enchanting receptions, infusing your special day with natural beauty.

Versatile Spaces for Your Vision

Villa Cora caters to your wedding dreams with a multitude of spaces for ceremonies and celebrations. The magnificent Sala degli Specchi stands out with its stunning interiors, creating an ambiance of timeless elegance.

Service Beyond Compare

Impeccable service is a hallmark of Villa Cora. The staff, known for their kindness and professionalism, ensure your wedding journey is seamless, from planning to execution, leaving you free to savor every moment.

Culinary Excellence

Indulge in a gastronomic delight with Villa Cora’s exceptional cuisine. Crafted to perfection, the menu tantalizes taste buds, promising an exquisite culinary experience for you and your guests.

Experience the allure of Villa Cora—a luxurious sanctuary in Florence, where impeccable accommodation, stunning surroundings, and exceptional service converge to create the wedding of your dreams.

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Villa Gamberaia

A Tuscan Countryside Gem for Unforgettable Weddings

Nestled in the Tuscan countryside yet close to Florence’s heart, Villa Gamberaia enchants with its serene setting and captivating views. This historic villa stands as a testament to timeless beauty, offering an idyllic backdrop for couples seeking an enchanting wedding experience.

villa gamberaia and its garden from above

Serenity in Tuscan Countryside

Immersed in the picturesque Tuscan landscape, Villa Gamberaia combines proximity to Florence with an escape to tranquility. Its serene location amidst lush greenery offers couples an intimate haven for their special day.

Enchanting Gardens and Scenic Vistas

The villa boasts monumental gardens that capture the essence of Tuscany’s beauty. With breathtaking views, these lush grounds provide a dreamy setting for ceremonies and receptions, each corner offering a picturesque backdrop.

Versatile Spaces for Your Celebration

Villa Gamberaia offers a multitude of outdoor areas, providing couples with diverse options for both ceremonies and receptions. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, every space exudes rustic charm and elegance.

Reliable Contingency Plans

In the case of inclement weather, Villa Gamberaia ensures a seamless transition with excellent backup plans, guaranteeing a flawless event regardless of the elements.

Bridal Preparation in Style

While the villa doesn’t offer accommodations, it provides spacious rooms with panoramic views for the bride and groom to prepare, adding a touch of luxury to their wedding day.

Villa Gamberaia weaves together the tranquility of the Tuscan countryside, breathtaking views, and versatile spaces, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a romantic and picturesque setting for their wedding celebration.


Villa Le Fontanelle

Intimate Elegance Amidst Tuscan Splendor

Nestled in the embrace of Tuscan landscapes yet mere moments from Florence’s center, Villa Le Fontanelle beckons couples with its intimate charm and serene surroundings. This boutique hotel seamlessly blends the tranquility of the countryside with luxurious amenities, promising an enchanting setting for a dream wedding.

a dinner at villa le fontanelle with villa le fontanelle behind

Intimate Beauty in the Tuscan Countryside

Set amidst picturesque Tuscan vistas, Villa Le Fontanelle offers an intimate setting with sprawling grounds. Its diverse spaces cater to ceremonies and receptions; each corner imbued with rustic elegance and natural beauty.

Proximity to Florence, Seclusion in Nature

Despite its proximity to Florence, the venue envelopes guests in a tranquil oasis, providing a perfect escape into the Tuscan countryside, ideal for couples seeking an intimate celebration away from the city’s hustle.

Hotel Luxuries with Personal Touches

As a boutique hotel, Villa Le Fontanelle offers all the luxuries and comforts. With attention to detail, it caters to every need, ensuring a seamless experience for couples and guests alike.

Stunning Bridal Suites

The venue provides exquisite rooms for the bride and groom to prepare, offering scenic views that add a touch of luxury and elegance to their wedding day.

Beyond the Big Day

Aside from the wedding festivities, guests can indulge in the venue’s stunning pool, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment during their stay beyond the celebrations.

Villa Le Fontanelle captivates with its intimate charm, luxurious amenities, and an idyllic blend of Tuscan countryside and proximity to Florence, offering couples an intimate and picturesque setting for their memorable wedding celebration.

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Villa Di Maiano

A Timeless Tuscan Haven for Unforgettable Celebrations

Perched elegantly next to Fiesole, the scenic hilltop neighborhood of Florence, Villa Di Maiano embodies the timeless allure of Tuscany. This historic villa captures the essence of romance and sophistication, offering couples an enchanting setting for their wedding day.

a drone photo of villa di Maiano at sunset

Chic Hilltop Location

Situated adjacent to Fiesole, Villa Di Maiano boasts a vantage point overlooking Florence, providing a breathtaking backdrop for weddings. Its terrace offers panoramic views of the city, creating a picturesque setting for ceremonies and receptions.

Enchanting Italian Gardens

The villa boasts exquisite Italian gardens, an oasis of beauty and tranquility. Lush greenery and charming pathways create an idyllic atmosphere for couples exchanging vows amidst nature’s embrace.

Historic Villa with Elegant Preparation Rooms

While lacking accommodations, Villa Di Maiano provides beautiful rooms for the bride’s preparation, each imbued with historic charm and elegance, elevating the bridal experience.

Solid Contingency Plans

With a robust backup plan for both ceremonies and receptions, the venue ensures a seamless transition in case of inclement weather, guaranteeing a flawless event.

The Magnificent Crypt

The villa offers a stunning crypt overlooking the garden, serving as an enchanting space for wedding receptions and dancing, imbued with an old-world charm and captivating views.

Villa Di Maiano encapsulates the romance of Tuscany, offering a picturesque location, elegant gardens, and historic allure, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding celebration amidst timeless beauty.


Four Seasons Hotel Florence

Where Luxury and History Unite for Timeless Celebrations

Nestled in the heart of Florence, the Four Seasons Hotel stands as an epitome of luxury and historical charm. This iconic venue seamlessly marries opulence with unparalleled service, offering couples a distinguished setting for their dream wedding in the heart of the city.

the hall at the four seasons in Florence

Central Oasis of Luxury

As the only venue within Florence’s center, the Four Seasons Hotel provides a luxurious escape amidst the city’s bustling energy. Its manicured gardens offer an oasis of tranquility, perfect for intimate ceremonies and elegant receptions.

Exemplary Service

Renowned for its exceptional service, the Four Seasons Hotel ensures every detail of your wedding is impeccably executed, surpassing expectations and creating a seamless experience for couples and guests alike.

Il Conventino: A Historic Gem

The hotel offers Il Conventino, an old, frescoed church turned into a stunning venue for reception parties. Its historical significance and captivating ambiance create an enchanting setting for celebrations.

Luxurious Accommodations

With beautiful rooms and endless accommodations, the Four Seasons Hotel pampers guests with opulent comfort, providing an exquisite retreat for couples and their wedding entourage.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Florence intertwines luxury, historical grandeur, and impeccable service, offering couples an unmatched wedding venue in the heart of the city, where every moment exudes elegance and sophistication.


Villa San Michele

A Picturesque Haven for Exquisite Weddings in Florence

Perched atop a hillside in Florence, Villa San Michele emerges as a pinnacle of luxury and timeless beauty. This five-star hotel, nestled in the city’s embrace, offers couples an enchanting venue, blending breathtaking views and impeccable service for an unforgettable wedding experience.

the garden of villa san Michele during a wedding reception

Panoramic Views of Florence

Boasting an awe-inspiring view of Florence, Villa San Michele provides a captivating backdrop for weddings, offering panoramic vistas that add a touch of magic to ceremonies and receptions.

Exemplary Five-Star Service

Renowned for its impeccable service, Villa San Michele ensures a seamless wedding journey, from meticulous planning to execution, providing couples and guests with an elevated experience.

Manicured Gardens

The villa’s manicured gardens enchant with their beauty, creating a serene atmosphere for romantic celebrations amidst nature’s splendor.

Culinary Excellence

With an excellent in-house restaurant, Villa San Michele delights guests with exceptional cuisine, tantalizing taste buds and complementing the wedding festivities with a gastronomic journey.

Villa San Michele stands as a testament to elegance, offering couples a picturesque setting with panoramic views, lush gardens, exemplary service, and culinary excellence—a perfect combination for an extraordinary wedding celebration in Florence.


Villa Corsini Mezzomonte 

A Destination Wedding Oasis Amidst Tuscan Splendor

Nestled in the captivating embrace of Tuscany, Villa Corsini Mezzomonte stands as a sought-after destination for couples seeking an enchanting wedding experience. This iconic venue marries breathtaking landscapes with unparalleled service, creating an unforgettable setting for destination weddings.

aerial view of Villa Corsini Mezzomonte

Destination Wedding Haven

Renowned as a top choice for destination weddings, Villa Corsini Mezzomonte welcomes couples from around the globe, offering a picturesque backdrop for their special day amidst the beauty of Tuscany.

Versatile Spaces for Ceremonies and Receptions

The villa boasts sprawling grounds with multiple areas ideal for both ceremonies and receptions, each corner radiating charm and elegance, providing couples with diverse settings for their celebrations.

Unique Reception Halls

With beautiful and unique halls, Villa Corsini Mezzomonte sets the stage for wedding receptions filled with sophistication and charm, ensuring an exquisite ambiance for couples and their guests.

Scenic Garden and Fireworks Spectacle

The villa’s stunning garden offers a picturesque view of the Tuscan landscape, enhancing the romantic atmosphere. Couples can elevate their celebration with the possibility of fireworks during the cake-cutting, adding a touch of magic to their special day.

Exceptional Email Support

Known for its excellent email support, the villa assists both couples and planners, ensuring a smooth and efficient planning process and allowing every detail to be meticulously arranged from afar.

Villa Corsini Mezzomonte epitomizes the allure of destination weddings, offering breathtaking grounds, unique halls, scenic vistas, and exceptional support, creating an idyllic setting for couples to exchange vows amidst the beauty of Tuscany.


Villa Medicea di Lilliano

Where Rustic Elegance Meets Tuscan Splendor

Nestled in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, Villa Medicea di Lilliano epitomizes rustic charm and natural beauty. This historic villa offers couples an idyllic setting for their wedding, combining open Tuscan landscapes with a timeless ambiance.

aerial view of villa medicea di Lilliano

Open Tuscan Serenity

Embraced by the rolling Tuscan hills, Villa Medicea di Lilliano provides an open and serene location, allowing couples to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the countryside for an authentic wedding experience.

Rustic Elegance and Intimate Appeal

The villa’s rustic charm sets it apart, offering an intimate and authentic ambiance, perfect for couples seeking a more understated yet enchanting wedding venue.

Reliable Contingency Plans

With exceptional backup plans in place, the venue ensures a seamless celebration regardless of weather conditions, providing peace of mind for couples on their special day.

Versatile Spaces for Celebrations

Boasting numerous spots for ceremonies and receptions, Villa Medicea di Lilliano offers versatility and flexibility, allowing couples to create personalized and unique moments throughout their celebration.

Convenient Accommodations Nearby

While not providing on-site accommodations, the villa offers convenient lodging options in its vicinity, ensuring guests have easy access to comfortable stays nearby.

Villa Medicea di Lilliano invites couples to embrace rustic elegance amidst the Tuscan countryside, offering a serene and versatile setting, reliability in contingency plans, and convenient accommodation options nearby for an unforgettable wedding celebration.


Villa La Massa

An Exquisite Riverside Gem for Intimate Weddings in Florence

Nestled along the banks of the Arno River, Villa La Massa offers an intimate and picturesque setting for weddings, a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Despite its proximity to Florence’s center, this elegant villa remains a well-kept secret, promising couples a serene and exclusive venue for their special day.

long shot of villa la massa in Florence

Close Proximity to Florence

Situated very close to the center, Villa La Massa provides the convenience of city access while offering a tranquil escape from the bustling streets, creating a perfect balance for an intimate celebration.

Hidden Beauty

Although not widely known, Villa La Massa boasts stunning beauty and elegance, captivating couples with its riverside charm and timeless allure, ensuring a unique and memorable wedding experience.

Exquisite Accommodations

The villa offers excellent and beautifully appointed accommodations, ensuring comfort and luxury for couples and their guests, creating a seamless blend of elegance and relaxation.

Eclectic Riverside Location

Set amidst an eclectic riverside backdrop, Villa La Massa’s location provides a romantic ambiance, offering picturesque views and a serene atmosphere, perfect for exchanging vows.

Exceptional Service

Renowned for its excellent service, the villa pampers couples with attentive and personalized care, ensuring that every aspect of their wedding day is executed flawlessly.

Villa La Massa, a hidden gem near Florence’s heart, combines proximity to the city with riverside elegance, excellent accommodations, and impeccable service, creating an intimate and enchanting haven for couples to celebrate their love in style.


Il Salviatino

Where Elegance Meets Romance in the Heart of Florence

Nestled in the heart of Florence, Il Salviatino epitomizes luxury and romance, offering couples a captivating venue for their dream wedding. This historic villa, with its stunning interiors and beautiful grounds, presents an idyllic setting for an unforgettable celebration.

the facade of the villa at il salvation in Florence

Close Proximity to Florence

Situated near the center, Il Salviatino grants couples the convenience of city access while providing an exclusive and private escape, ensuring a perfect balance between urban accessibility and tranquil seclusion.

Exquisite Accommodations

The villa offers exceptional and beautifully appointed accommodations, blending classic elegance with modern comfort, providing couples and guests with a luxurious retreat during their stay.

Unique and Beautiful Interiors

Il Salviatino boasts captivating and unique interiors, exuding timeless charm and sophistication, creating an enchanting ambiance for wedding celebrations.

Scenic Grounds

Surrounded by beautiful grounds, the villa’s outdoor spaces offer picturesque views and serene settings, providing couples with various options for ceremonies and receptions amidst natural beauty.

Impeccable Service

Renowned for its exceptional service, Il Salviatino ensures couples receive personalized attention and meticulous care, guaranteeing a flawless execution of their wedding day plans.

Il Salviatino stands as a testament to elegance and refinement, offering couples a perfect blend of proximity to Florence, exquisite accommodations, stunning interiors, picturesque grounds, and impeccable service, creating an unforgettable wedding experience.


Dimora il Ghirlandaio

A Luxurious Haven for Intimate Celebrations in Florence

Tucked away on a serene hillside, Dimora il Ghirlandaio emerges as a newly restored gem, offering couples an intimate and luxurious venue for their wedding celebrations. Its picturesque location and intimate setting make it a perfect choice for couples seeking an exclusive and charming space for their special day.

dimora il Ghirlandaio from the above

Recently Restored Elegance

Recently renovated to perfection, Dimora il Ghirlandaio exudes a sense of newness and freshness, blending modern luxury with historical charm, offering couples a pristine canvas for their wedding festivities.

Luxurious Intimacy

Though small, this venue boasts luxurious amenities, ensuring an indulgent experience for couples and their guests. Its intimate ambiance creates an atmosphere of exclusivity, ideal for intimate weddings filled with romance.

Perfect for Intimate Weddings

Designed for intimate gatherings, Dimora il Ghirlandaio offers a cozy and enchanting space, catering to couples seeking a private and personal celebration surrounded by loved ones.

Convenient Hillside Location

Perched on a hillside, the venue provides open views of olive groves, creating a picturesque backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions, offering couples a tranquil escape with breathtaking vistas.

Dimora il Ghirlandaio stands as a newly restored luxury venue, perfect for intimate weddings, blending elegance, intimacy, and a picturesque location, making it an enchanting choice for couples seeking a romantic and exclusive celebration in Florence.


The Westin Excelsior

A Stylish Gem for Intimate Weddings in Florence

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Florence, The Westin Excelsior stands as a beacon of elegance and sophistication, offering couples a chic venue for intimate wedding celebrations. This distinguished hotel, with its stellar location and breathtaking views, provides a picturesque setting for an unforgettable wedding experience.

a wedding setup at westin excelsior in Florence with the duomo in the background

Sesto On Arno Terrace

The highlight of The Westin Excelsior is its iconic terrace, Sesto On Arno, a captivating spot offering panoramic views of Florence’s center, setting the stage for memorable wedding ceremonies or receptions.

Prime Location in Florence

With a stellar location in the heart of the city, this venue allows couples and guests to immerse themselves in Florence’s rich cultural tapestry while enjoying the convenience of exploring the city’s treasures.

Ideal for Small Weddings

Perfectly suited for intimate gatherings, The Westin Excelsior offers an intimate ambiance and personalized service, catering to couples seeking an exclusive and private celebration.

Breathtaking City Views

Boasting stunning vistas of Florence’s center, the venue provides a picturesque backdrop, adding a touch of romance and grandeur to wedding festivities.

Exceptional Hotel Service

Renowned for its excellent service, The Westin Excelsior ensures couples and guests are pampered with attentive care, guaranteeing a seamless and luxurious wedding experience.

In-House Restaurant and Welcome Parties

With an outstanding in-house restaurant, the venue provides delectable dining experiences. Often used for welcome parties, it sets the tone for a weekend of celebration.

The Westin Excelsior is enticed by its stunning terrace, superb location, intimate setting, exceptional service, and culinary delights, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a stylish and intimate wedding celebration in the heart of Florence.


Castello di Vincigliata

Your Modern Fairytale Wedding Venue in Florence

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Florence, Castello di Vincigliata stands as a testament to timeless elegance and modern charm. This unique and pretty modern castle captures the essence of romance, offering couples an enchanting backdrop for their fairytale wedding. With its terraced gardens, historic architecture, and captivating vistas, this castle venue invites you to step into a world of sophistication and beauty, promising an unforgettable celebration amidst the heart of Tuscany.

castello di vincolata from the above

Terrific Views
Perched on a hillside, Castello di Vincigliata boasts spectacular panoramic views that stretch across the Tuscan countryside. Its vantage point offers a mesmerizing backdrop, providing an idyllic setting for exchanging vows and capturing stunning photographs.

Terrific Backup Plan
Embracing the unpredictable, this castle venue offers a terrific backup plan in case of inclement weather. With versatile indoor spaces adorned with historic charm, your wedding day remains flawless and seamless, regardless of the elements.

Large Guest Capacity
Perfect for grand celebrations, Castello di Vincigliata can comfortably host a large number of guests. Its expansive grounds and versatile areas cater to gatherings of varying sizes, ensuring everyone revels in the magic of your special day.

Multiple Ceremony and Reception Areas
With its diverse spaces, from elegant courtyards to enchanting gardens, the castle provides myriad options for both ceremonies and receptions. Each area exudes its own unique charm, allowing you to curate personalized moments throughout your celebration.

Castello di Vincigliata emerges as a quintessential modern fairytale venue in Florence, offering captivating views, impeccable backup plans, ample space for large gatherings, and versatile areas for creating cherished wedding memories amidst its historic grandeur. Castello di Vincigliata is closed and unavailable at the moment.

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Embark on your journey to create the wedding of your dreams amidst the enchanting allure of Florence. Each venue we’ve unveiled offers a unique tapestry of elegance, picturesque landscapes, and impeccable service, setting the stage for unforgettable celebrations. Ready to bring your dream wedding to life? 

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