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International Meleto Castle Wedding in Tuscany

In a world that runs fast towards modernity, a castle wedding is one of the cornerstones of the popular imagination. Any little girl has dreamed at least once to wear a white dress and marry her Prince Charming in the courtyard of a beautiful castle. Although here there are no princesses, or at least not anymore, the Meleto Castle is one of the best to pronounce the fateful yes in Italy. It’s located on a hilltop surrounded by the cypress trees and vineyards of Chianti, in Tuscany. Meleto Castle provides numerous fantastic features. First of all, the magnificent swimming pool with a view, ideal for pre-wedding parties with friends and for relaxing on hot summer days. Secondly, the Chianti area offers numerous paths for long hikes, wine tastings and day trips to the nearby Florence and Siena. In other words, Meleto Castle looks the perfect place for a wedding. We couldn’t agree more, and we are happy that these two newlyweds also chose it for their celebration.

He is English; she is Canadian. There’s no better place than Italy to welcome the numerous international guests, and to pamper them with a fairytale setting for a few days, between excellent food, millennial art beauties and that Dolce Far Niente. The bride and her bridesmaids got ready in one of the lofts. In the meantime, the groom has reached the lovely terrace with a view for the ceremony. Here, he saw her walking down the aisle for the first time with her wedding dress on, hand in hand with her father. After the symbolic ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests gathered in a procession. They headed to the garden of the castle, where a sumptuous buffet with Aperol Spritz and delicious canapés was served. A beautiful sunset helped us capture spontaneous wedding photos, where the surrounding environment further enhanced the beauty of the bride, truly Bellissima. Her husband could only look at her bewitched as they strolled around and get portraits taken among the olive trees and dirt roads of Tuscany.

The dinner took place on the lovely terrace with a view and, although it was late-September, the evening was mild, warmed by the excellent local wine and the speeches of the groom’s family and friends who, as in true English tradition, they roasted him repeatedly. We said goodbye to the newlyweds shortly after the cake the first dance, still happy for a day that they won’t forget so easily. Marriage at Meleto Castle does that to people. Here are some photos.

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