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Fabulous Isola del Garda wedding

Among the best photo shoots I keep in my hear, year after year, I will remember this Isola del Garda wedding forever. With high expectations, I had left Tuscany to Gardone Riviera, where two European lovebirds where expecting me to get married. The bride was a beautiful and kind girl; the sort of muse every photographer loves to portray. The groom, also good-looking, was super friendly and put me at ease right away. Their story sounds like a romantic movie. They met in London: she, Russian and he, Austrian, fell in love for each other at first sight. He proposed her very early, and they decided to get married as soon as possible. Seriously, is there a better place than Italy for destination weddings? Not for them. So they took a plane, together with a few family members and friends, and flew to Italy to exchange their vows.

Isola del Garda is one of the most impressive wedding venues in Northern Italy – see here the best venues of Florence instead. This majestic villa is located on a private island in the middle of Lake Garda, just a few minutes away by speed boat from the shores of Salò and Gardone Riviera. Once docked in the private harbour, you need to follow a path through the vegetation to reach the terrace with a view. The bride and the groom exchanged wedding vows and rings here, below centuries-old frescoes overlooking the turquoise waters of the lake.

While the guests enjoyed a refreshing cocktail on the terrace, I took their wedding photos in the garden. After the ceremony, the bride and groom were beaming. I asked them to stroll around; it was lovely to portray the newlyweds along the paths and by the marina. Just a few more pictures with the villa in the background, and it was time to leave for the second part of the reception. The dinner indeed took place at the Hotel Villa del Sogno in Gardone Riviera. The wedding planner Katiuscia had set up an imperial table on the terrace with a view. Many chandeliers, fresh flowers, and candlelight created a very romantic atmosphere. What a  fabulous setting! As the night fell, guests and families had dinner and celebrated the matrimony with speeches and toasts. A glorious end to a wedding to remember! Enjoy this Isola del Garda wedding below!

lake garda wedding
lake garda wedding
lake garda wedding

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