Italian Cathedral Grandeur

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What Being Italian Means to Me

Growing up and living in beauty has trained us to do things beautifully for the sheer pleasure of it.

Luxury Wedding at Villa Cimbrone Amalfi Coast

Among the many venues for luxury weddings in Italy, Villa Cimbrone is one of the most exclusive. Villa Cimbrone stands on a hilltop in Ravello, a stone's throw from the wonders of Positano and Amalfi.

Autumn Portrait Session in Tuscany

Take memories, leave footprints. This was the mood in which C&S approached their engagement portraits in Tuscany a few days before their wedding in Florence.

Fashion Blogger Elisa Taviti Get Married in Tuscany

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Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany, Castel Monastero served as the perfect setting for H&D unforgettable Canadian wedding.

The King's Daughter

Do you ever wonder how the king’s daughter spends her days? Well, we thought...

Among the many stories behind this fabulous wedding in Florence, one is worth telling. With the many advantages of getting married in Italy, the charm of its sacred places is often considered secondary.

Engagement Session in Portofino

The beginning of forever. This is Portofino for L&G: a lovely seaside village in Liguria, where their engagement session took place.

Blush Italian Romance

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Sumptuous Wedding in a Tuscan Castle

If you say Castle Wedding in Tuscany, our first thought goes to the fabulous Castello di Vincigliata.

Classy Wedding at Villa Grabau in Lucca

For those who have known and appreciated the beauty of Lucca for a lifetime, a wedding at Villa Grabau is nothing more than crowning a dream.

When it comes to destination weddings in Italy, Florence is one of the top choices for couples and wedding planners. It is not a surprise!

In the list of the places where I spent some of the greatest moment of my life, Santa Barbara is at the top.

Elegant Borgo Finocchieto Wedding

After a 10-year career in destination wedding photography in Tuscany, I can say to have shot every kind of event. I saw super-chic marriages rather than rustic celebrations or intimate and low-key elopements.

Lavish Welcome Party in Ravello

I wish some nights lasted forever. Ravello is one of the most romantic spots in the world, the destination for the most exclusive weddings in Italy. I never thought it could also host fun parties!

Country Chic Tuscan Romance

with Blush and Burgundy Hues



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