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Laid Back Engagement Session in Tuscany

One of the most popular things to do before the wedding is the engagement session. In addition to producing many lovely photos for the invitations and save-the-date, a pre wedding photography session provides many other benefits, including the creation of a fundamental first connection between the couple and the photographer. More than anything else, the engagement session gets lovers used to the camera, so they can relax and get portrayed with candid, natural shots – in anticipation of the wedding itself later on. It’s not easy to be spontaneous in front of a lens, especially if you’re not a model, or if you haven’t lived with a photographer at home. 🙂 But these lovers appeared as an exception. Young and handsome, they looked relaxed from the very first shots. 😉

They’re getting married next year in southern Tuscany. From Venice Beach, they took a flight to Italy to explore some venues (here are the best) and took the opportunity for an e-session in Italy. So, I led them to a fabulous place near Certaldo and San Gimignano and portrayed them during a romantic walk through the hills and cypress trees of Chianti. Tuscany in May is special: green and lush, not yet fully bloomed but not even burnt by the hot July sun. The perfect scenery! 🍾

It wasn’t difficult at all! She, wearing a long dress, looked at ease as she moved softly and laughed at her groom-to-be’s jokes. He looked at her and couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of his life with her. I took the best shots right after sunset when, after an outfit change, they both felt accustomed to my presence. A moment to stop in time, this is the engagement session; to remember how happy we were before the wedding, but also to celebrate a wonderful trip to Tuscany that perfumes of honeymoon. 🇮🇹