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Lavish Welcome Party in Ravello

I wish some nights lasted forever. Ravello is one of the most romantic spots in the world, the destination for the most exclusive weddings in Italy. I never thought it could also host fun parties! I got there driving through high coastal roads, smelling the sweet lemon groves, with the picturesque villages on one side and the ocean on the other.

Here, on a September evening, the sumptuous welcome party below took place. The venue was Palazzo Avino, a 12th-century Baroque palace set on a hilltop overlooking the ocean. The couple has attended various shows, with ballerinas and performers of Nuart Events dancing among the other guests, making the evening sparkling and fun.

The setting was terrific, full of colorful flowers and lemons; every corner here was Insta-worthy, from the balconies to the infinity pool, whose waters looked to melt into the horizon. Keep Calm and Party in Ravello!