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How to share Pinterest Board

How to share Pinterest Board with one person?

This is the question that millions of people ask every day. Why? Simply because Pinterest is one of the most beautiful social networks around , certainly the most immediate and easy to use. Everyday day it helps 70 million people to connect worldwide.

Pinterest is a visual social network. On Pinterest you can save the pictures you find around the web and organize them into virtual folders, accessible by all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The real revolution is that the geographical borders and language barriers vanish. You do not need to know many languages to follow or be followed by foreigners because Pinterest is based solely on the images.

How can you use Pinterest?

If you’re planning your wedding, you know Pinterest very well and you know how it can help you.

A practical example. This is my profile for weddings in Tuscany where I saved the most interesting images that I found on the web. I got many from my website, but others are ideas that I found online.

Follow Facibeni Fotografia’s board Wedding in Tuscany on Pinterest.

Thanks to Pinterest in fact, you can: 

  • save photos that you find on the Internet in your profile
  • organize images by topic in virtual folders, called Boards
  • search for photographs according to topics as marriage, recipes, etc …
  • follow other people that you find interesting
  • share photos with friends and on other social networks

How to find your friends on Pinterest

What kind of social would it be if there wasn’t the chance to share your discoveries with your friends?! To do that you have to send them an invitation. This is very simple. Once inside the main page, click on Find Friends.

how to share pinterest board

In the left panel you will see those who, according to Pinterest, you may know. On the right, entering your friends’ e-mail addresses , you can invite them to connect with you.

how to share pinterest board
how to share pinterest board

Easy, isn’t it ? Now I’ll explain how to share a Pinterest Board with a friend!

How to share Pinterest Board with a friend

Now I’ll explain how to share a board with another person. You may need to share the folder of your favorite flowers with the wedding planner; or you would like to send to the wedding photographer the photographs that have impressed you, to make him understand better what you expect. Here is the procedure: Once logged in, you’ll find yourself inside the main page, where there are the photos of the people you follow and those that Pinterest believes the most interesting for you. At the top right, there’s your name. Click on it and you will enter inside your profile.

how to share pinterest board

Once in your profile, click on the board you want to share. You will share one board at a time. Once inside the board, click on the button with the red icon Invite.

how to share pinterest board
how to share pinterest board

Enter the recipient’s email address or the name of the Pinterest profile, and you’re done!

how to share pinterest board
how to share pinterest board

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Pinterest is an amazing tool to gather ideas and emotions. Share images with your friends and make them share what you love. Follow my Pinterest page:

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