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Sunset Pre Wedding in Tuscany

Of all the seasons to shoot a pre wedding in Tuscany, autumn is my favourite. From a vibrant spring green, the colours turn first to yellow and then red, with copper-colour shades, perfect for sunset portraits and romantic photos in the countryside. This year autumn seems to have arrived early. The terrible heat and drought have turner the Tuscan landscape of an intense yellow, much earlier than usual. Anyone who has chosen July for a honeymoon or engagement session in Tuscany is extraordinarily lucky. There couldn’t be anything better!

From far away Finland, this couple went to Florence for a pre-wedding holiday. They then decided to take a moment, between excursions and tastings, to have their portrait taken by a professional photographer. Once worn their wedding dresses, I drove them along dirt roads to a natural area near San Gimignano and Certaldo, where I took all their pictures before the wedding. I chose a deserted countryside setting. I asked them to relax and enjoy some time among the cypresses and rolling yellow hills. It wasn’t difficult at all. The bride and groom let themselves be directed to capture romantic and inspirational photographs. The charm of the Tuscan countryside did the rest! Here are some of their pre wedding pictures!