Sunset Rehearsal Dinner Party in the Prettiest Florentine Villa

An exquisite rehearsal dinner took place on the second day of Carly and Chris’s joyous celebration. The couple warmly welcomed their guests in the enchanting fountain garden of Villa Mangiacane, a breathtaking Tuscan estate that perfectly set the stage for the unforgettable three-day affair. Following a delectable aperitivo filled with a delightful assortment of Italian treats in the verdant backyard, everyone savored a sumptuous dinner of regional delicacies meticulously prepared by talented chefs on the lush lawn.

The tables adorned with elegant floral arrangements added an extra touch of sophistication to the charming atmosphere. As the night progressed, the enchanting canopy of lights above them transformed the lawn into a mesmerizing celestial starry sky, illuminating the joyful faces of the guests. Carly and Chris couldn’t have asked for a more magical start to their journey, surrounded by love, laughter, and the beauty of Tuscany.