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Sunset Wedding Welcome Party at Borgo Pignano

A well made welcome dinner is a must for every glorious destination weddings in Italy. For many great reasons. Foremost, to make the first contact with people who have flown across the ocean to be present at the wedding. The second, more practical, to spend a relaxing night with friends.

The wedding is often an endless todo list for bride and groom, and the time to be spent with the loved ones is never enough. Celebrating with them the day before is a great way to thank them properly. In addition to this, the welcome dinner is the perfect excuse to take advantage of other areas of the venue, or even change it for the occasion. Thank God, Borgo Pignano provides so many lovely spots that choosing the most fitting area for the welcome dinner is not a problem at all. Borgo Pignano is located in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by lush hills and cypresses trees. It’s an old villa with a large property, close to Volterra and not far from tourist attractions such as San Gimignano and Siena. Once you walk along the large tree-lined avenue at the entrance, a fantastic resort leaves visitors speechless. And so it did to the guests at this wedding.

The bride and groom welcomed them in the large garden next to the pool. A first aperitif based on colourful drinks and local wines, followed by a pizza party and other cold plates. A blazing sunset gave way to a chilly September night. The atmosphere has been warmed up by the speeches of many friends from all over the world, who roasted the groom and exalted the beauty of the bride-to-be – which is soooo beautiful on her own. The party went on in the courtyard, where the guests sang and danced for the first time all together. What to say, there is no better way than a welcome dinner in Borgo Pignano to start the weekend of the wedding.

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