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Swedish Wedding at Villa La Madonna

12 March 2020

Although Swedes and Italians can both be considered European, if you look closely, you will find them very different. Europe, unlike the US, has historically always been fragmented. The paths of Italians and Scandinavians have rarely crossed in history, and there has been little contamination. As Italians, we are full of admiration for the minimalism of Swedish architecture and design, and we are used to fall in love with their women and men; they all are truly good looking! However, we are used to American friends, and a Swedish wedding in Italy is a bit exotic for us. First of all, because of the language, which is really difficult, even though Swedes all speak excellent English! Secondly, the location. On a windy day of July, we left our beautiful Tuscany to go to Piedmont, in a magnificent private villa transformed into a boutique hotel surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills. I know, just for a change! But let’s take a step back.

Villa La Madonna is a wonderful getaway in the middle of the Italian wine country. Top-end, relaxing and romantic country home for a weekend, or even for a week of touring local vineyards. Every detail is exquisitely picked: the food is excellent with local specialities on the menu, especially the regional kinds of pasta and cheeses. The local wines are excellent.

The lovebirds got ready along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. The symbolic ceremony took place in the garden among the vineyards, where a floral arch was set up, perfect to frame the bride and groom in the impressive surrounding scenery. Afterwards, I shot the newlyweds in the property of Villa La Madonna. It was not difficult at all; both are good-looking, and the light of the sunset enhanced their beauty organically. Meanwhile, the guests were enjoying the cocktail hour in the courtyard, before sitting down for dinner and giving truly endless speeches. The dinner was absolutely delicious, but I could bet it was. Piedmontese cuisine is one of the best in Italy!
The evening couldn’t end here! After the cake, I witnessed one of the most impressive first dances of my career. The guests surrounded the bride and groom with sparklers as they danced for the first time as husband and wife. We greeted them as they danced crazy with their friends later, and we returned to our lovely Tuscany. A Swedish wedding at Villa La Madonna really missed our portfolio! We hope to post a new one very soon!