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Villa Bernardini. Top wedding venue in Lucca & Tuscany

The choice of a villa for a wedding is one of the most important things in organising your event. Why? Because on this depends the fate of the reception, the welfare of your guests and the memory you will leave of your best day. Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding. No surprise if this goes through the choice of the perfect venue.

Choosing a villa was one of the most exciting things about the planning of my wedding . Viewing  the photos, mentally retracing the rooms, the gardens, the ceremonies seen over the years in the most beautiful locations, was one of the most fascinating moments. My experience alongside hundreds of newlyweds has actually simplified the research. But above all, this helped me not to become crazy. Because that’s the risk you run to keep up with everything!

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If you are looking for a villa for your wedding in Lucca, you’ll not be pleased to know that, in the town, besides 100 beautiful churches, there are more than 300 villas.
Not all of them are available for the wedding reception. Many are inaccessible, but despite everything, choosing a villa for the marriage may take a long time if you do not know the best and the particularities of each.

Villa Bernardini is one of those on which it is worth spending sweet words, as it remained in my heart. A villa that might seem similar to many other villas of Lucca. Wedding after wedding, it has been appreciated for its peculiarities, and for that style and sophistication that make it one of the chicest and charming venues of Lucca and Tuscany.

So if you still have not found the villa for your wedding in Lucca, you’re in the right place.

Why Villa Bernardini

It would be all too easy to talk about the beauty of the villa. This is just one of the reasons why you should consider Villa Bernardini for your wedding.

Here are some advantages:

  • significant natural historical context. An Italian-style villa surrounded by lush gardens, in the peaceful countryside of Lucca
  • all the necessary spaces for the wedding. Large separate areas and close together,  for each phase of the ceremony and reception. No Shift needed.
  • civil or symbolic ceremony in the garden. Possibility to organize a proper service in the large front garden.
  • ideal location. A short walk from the center of Lucca, it  is easily accessible from all parts of Tuscany.

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A villa as the core of the wedding

Villa Bernardini is a patrician late Renaissance villa, built around 1615; a classic Italian-style villa, like many others in the surroundings of Lucca. The structure is cubic; the facade has three beautiful perfect arches framing the porch and the entrance. Above the arches is the emblem of the Bernardini family, still owner of the building, which still emphasizes the historical importance of it. The villa is located in the center of a large secular park, which has 350 species of plants, some of them very rare.

Its “natural vocation” makes it perfect for weddings. The three large gardens surrounding the villa are the perfect surroundings for organising each distinct stage of the event, from the ceremony to the end of the reception.

The ceremony in the garden

The garden in front of the facade of the villa is usually reserved for celebrations.

Thanks to an agreement that the villa has signed with the town hall of Lucca, you can celebrate romantic and touching civil ceremonies in a fantastic natural setting. In front of the facade, the table is set up for the ceremony; chairs for guests are positioned immediately behind, directly on the lawn, facing the villa.

Imagine for a moment to cross, wearing your bridal gown, the large wrought iron gate. Between you and your groom, only a few steps, to make on  the lawn, while some girls throw to the ground rose petals.

All eyes of the guests, standing at the entrance of the bride, are for you. You need a strong man by your side because the great emotion could make you your legs shake!

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The guests will be amazed by the beauty of the rite. They will remember with pleasure the exchange of rings and promises that echo in the park, interrupted by the sound of crickets and birds.

If the heat is too strong, you can ask to equip a small banquet caterer under one of the large trees. Immediately after the ceremony, your guests will be thrilled to toast the health of the couple and, with the occasion, cool off before the rest of the reception.

The aperitif in Theatre of Verzura

Although the ceremony in the garden is more than enough reason to recall with pleasure your wedding, a cocktail in the Teatro di Verzura can only confirm the goodness of your choice.

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Two walls of box trees frame a large lawn, on which are placed the tables for the buffet. The area, sometimes also used for concerts, is really a viewpoint: a landscaped garden, with many earthenware jars and lemon trees; the back of the house, magnificent, is the perfect scenario to spend some time in quiet, with children running barefoot on the lawn and adults conversing relaxed.

All this, only at 20 steps from the garden of the ceremony. The ladies in heels and the elderly can only thank you!

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The dinner in the winter garden

A few more steps and you will find yourself in another beautiful garden, this time on one side of the villa. It was once called the secret garden; I like to think it was because so much beauty had to be kept hidden! It is now one of the most characteristic of the entire park.

Once inside, in front of you, a beautiful fountain guarded by four large neoclassical statues. On the left, the beautiful winter garden, location of the wedding dinner.

Protected on one side by a stone wall and above by a large glass roof, it  is one of the most luminous settings, where to enjoy the sunset and twilight protected from the humidity of the cooler evenings. Next to it, the beautiful limonaia, internally covered with climbing plants trees. Here you can celebrate the wedding until late at night, with wild dancing in a genuinely exciting environment.

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The civil rite

For those who are interested in organizing a real civil marriage within Villa Bernardini, the City of Lucca is available to satisfy all couples who request it. Thanks to an agreement signed with the villa, the staff of the Tuscan municipalities will celebrate the rite in the beautiful garden in front of the facade.

Within the premises of the Villa, it is in fact set up a registry office, apt for the celebration of marriages in a civil ceremony. To these may be accompanied by a humanist celebrant to make more pleasant the cold rite of marriage in the town hall.

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The cost of the single celebration of a civil ceremony varies between € 300 for weekdays and 1200 for the holidays. The villa staff is at your disposal for any information.

The photo shoot

The natural surroundings of Villa Bernardini are perfect for a wedding photography service to remember for a long time. It will be a pleasure for me to picture the couple as they walk relaxed in the large gardens and under centuries-old trees. Villa Bernardini is a small villa, and you can then move quickly and effortlessly between the various natural photo settings.

The villa offers everything you need for taking photos. You won’t have then to spend hours to reach locations outside, and you’ll have all the time available family and guests. The light is always perfect at Villa Bernardini: soft and snug, perfect for luminous wedding portraits in bright colors.

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The closest villa to the centre of Lucca

Villa Bernardini is located just outside the centre of Lucca. It is readily available from all parts of Tuscany.

  • Those who come from Pisa will take the road that leads to Lucca and will turn just before arriving in the city.
  • Those who are from Florence and Prato and Pistoia and Versilia will take the A11 highway, and will take the Lucca exit. From here, following the signs to Pisa, the villa is less than 5 minutes from the motorway.

Villa Bernardini has an ample and convenient parking. Guests will leave the vehicle away from the villa, which is accessed exclusively on foot.

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For those who come from far away, the wedding at Villa Bernardini could be an opportunity for a short honeymoon  in Tuscany. Lucca is well known and offers visitors culture, fun and relaxation in a unique historical context.  The natural environments of the surrounding areas are among the most attractive in Italy: the Apuan Alps, the Garfagnana and Lunigiana. For those looking for the sea and the nightlife, Versilia is the destination for stays in exclusive beach resorts.

3 important things you should know about Villa Bernardini

Included in the rent of the villa for the wedding, you can use the following services free of charge.

  1. The bride room | It is a room next to the secret garden which is available free of charge for the bride. Very useful for cooling and a quick makeup touch-up before the reception, it is also available for new mothers who need a private place to breastfeed or to change their children.
  2. Cable radio in all spaces | Villa Bernardini has 4 Professional cable machineries,  which allow you to listen to music in all the exterior and interior spaces of the villa. These are available for free for  the couple who need them. Do you want a particular wedding march during the entrance of the bride? Or a nice jazz playlist during dinner? Just connect an ordinary music player to the system, and get all the music you want for the wedding.
  3. Night lighting | The villa is equipped with an excellent LED lighting system. At dusk, the lights low light up and change color, further enhancing the beauty of the villa. In addition, there are available to couples who request it, some exciting features, such as overhead lights so fashionable lately in rural weddings, or chandeliers hang from the trees to further customize your wedding.

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The caterers at Villa Bernardini

The staff of Villa Bernardini is available to accommodate the requirements of the most demanding spouses. Now the most renowned caterers have worked many times in Villa Bernardini, and the villa staff will recommend a list of 12 high-level professionals for the wedding.

If the spouses have the need for more professionals, as a DJ, flower designers and fitters, the staff will recommend the best of the area.

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The Bernardini family. Reservations and visits.

The owners of Villa Bernardini are available to accompany you on a tour and show you the features of the beautiful villa. We are pleased to report that they are lovely and friendly people; the reviews from my brides for them are great, and all the couples that we photograph in Villa Bernardini are excited about the professionalism and service offered by the staff of the Villa.

Villa Bernardini hosts only one wedding a day. Given the high number of requests, I recommend you to take contact at least one year before if the marriage will be celebrated on a Saturday of May, June, July or September. Sometimes not even this amount of time is enough, then, if your desire is to get married in Villa Bernardini, take contact with the staff as soon as possible.

To contact Villa Bernardini

Massimo Fanizza Bernardini is always available to satisfy every request. Here’s how to get in touch with Villa Bernardini

Website: http://www.villabernardini.it/
E-mail: info@villabernardini.it
Telephone: +3905831646057 | +393288238199
Facebook profile (constantly updated): https://www.facebook.com/villa.bernardini
Author Blog : https://villabernardini.wordpress.com/

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