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Wedding Photographer Villa Cora

Villa Cora is a luxury boutique hotel located on the hills of Florence, Italy. It is the perfect location for elegant weddings and romantic honeymoons in Tuscany.

It is an oasis of elegance, calm and sophistication. Classic ancient Italian architecture with delicate modern touches, Villa Cora is located in a large park with secular trees. The place is so beautiful that you feel you must enjoy it slowly, to taste deep and don’t get used to it. Walking around the villa, you will get fascinated by the Sala Degli Specchi, a room so-called because of the large mirrors on the walls. All around you’ll find golden decorations and frames, a spacious wooden floor and large arched windows leading to the balcony outside. From here you can enjoy a marvellous view of the Italian garden below, with small flowerbeds and blooming roses, from yellow to red.

If you are planning your wedding, or you want to spend a few days of your honeymoon in Florence, Villa Cora is the perfect place to do it. Let yourself be guided by an experienced photographer to discover the best photography spots at Villa Cora!