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Luxurious Wedding at Villa Cimbrone
Luxurious Wedding at Villa Cimbrone
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Luxurious Wedding at Villa Cimbrone
Luxurious Wedding at Villa Cimbrone
Luxurious Wedding at Villa Cimbrone


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Luxurious Wedding at Villa Cimbrone

Among the many venues for luxury weddings in Italy, Villa Cimbrone is one of the most exclusive. Villa Cimbrone stands on a hilltop in Ravello, a stone’s throw from the wonders of Positano and Amalfi. Perhaps for the view, maybe for the beautiful gardens or for the luxury hotel on the grounds; anyway, Villa Cimbrone is the most appreciated destination for celebrations on the Amalfi Coast. These lovebirds, coordinated by the talented wedding planner SaraFay Egan, have decided to celebrate their union here, between the lemon trees and the blue ocean.

The bride and the groom had celebrated with their guests on the previous days. On the wedding day, they got ready together with bridesmaids and groomsmen in Ravello, and they met each other for the first time with their wedding outfits on in the garden with a view of Villa Cimbrone. The symbolic ceremony was touching, and after so many emotions, it was time to celebrate! The guests enjoyed a fabulous aperitif in the garden nearby, while I took their wedding photos; a relaxed walk along the up to the Belvedere Terrace. I took the last sunset pictures by the terrace of Infinity. The elegance and the charm of the newlyweds came out naturally; both good looking, they enjoyed these moments together, and so I portrayed them in all their glory.

Later, the wedding reception took place in the crypt. The setting and the decorations were impressive, with tables full of flowers, candles and sparkling lights. The speeches took place here, before the cake and the first dance. At the end of the night, the bride and groom, followed by their guests, went down to Ravello, where a vintage car was waiting for them. They left greeted by their guests, still amazed by the beautiful day. Please enjoy below some lovely photos of their wedding at Villa Cimbrone.

Long shot of villa cimbrone from the garden
detail of the courtyard
the architecture of the villa
rings and invitations
the statue by the belvedere
architecture of ravello
the invitations
bridal portrait
carolina herrera pink shoes
a detail of the invitations with a map of the amalfi coast
the carolina herrera shoes
the maid of honor
bridesmaids having fun on the terrace
the amalfi coast from far
palazzo avino
the bride
bride opening a letter from the groom before the ceremony
the wedding dress
cartier vintage watch
the groomsmen
classic portrait of the groom with his mother
the groomsmen
guest approaching the ceremony area
long shot of the setting of the ceremony
the bride with her father
the bride walking down the aisle
the groom is moved
the guests during the ceremony
the kiss
bride and groom walking for the first time as husband and wife
a cocktail bar in the garden
the bridesmaids
red cocktails for the guests
the garden of villa cimbrone during the cocktail hour
the garden of villa cimbrone during the cocktail hour
newlyweds waking together hand in hand
bride and groom walking together to the belvedere
the bridal bouquet
newlyweds by the terrace of infinity
newlyweds posing for the photographer at the belvedere
the scenery from villa cimbrone
the setting for the dinner in the crypt
the decor of the dinner
newlyweds making the grand entrance
a moment from the speeches
the scenery of villa cimbrone
the scenery of villa cimbrone
the night view of the amalfi coast from ravello
bride and groom leaving the reception with a vintage convertible car

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