Wedding at Villa Mangiacane

Elegant & Classy 3-days event

closeup of the newlyweds at Villa Mangiacane Florence

Carly & Chris

May 2022

Meeting Carly, Chris, and their wonderful families during their breathtaking wedding at Villa Mangiacane in Tuscany was an absolute highlight! Carly, a vision of grace and impeccable taste, and Chris, an imposing yet incredibly gentle soul, made each moment unforgettable.

Spending three incredible days amidst the beauty of Villa Mangiacane was a dream come true. The villa is a treasure trove—the golden glow of summer light, legendary sunsets, and opulent, baroque-inspired interior rooms always inspired me. Choosing just one backdrop for photos was an impossible task; every corner seemed like a masterpiece begging to be captured.

But what truly made this experience extraordinary was working with Carly and Chris. Their wedding was a testament to elegance and refinement, a celebration filled with joy and laughter, yet it never sought the spotlight in a flashy way. Instead, it exuded a quiet charm and sophistication that was genuinely captivating.

What truly resonated was their genuine love for beauty and ensuring every guest reveled in happiness. Their commitment to creating an atmosphere of delight for their loved ones spoke volumes about the kind of remarkable couple they are.

Capturing their story was an honor and a pleasure. Carly and Chris, thank you for allowing me to witness and document your beautiful celebration.

villa mangiacane wedding in florence
a wide angle view from a garden ceremony at the villa bridesmaids opening champagne and smiling

They are so beautiful! We are so so happy with it all and these are the perfect way to look back on our fabulous weekend. Thanks for everything!

The bride - Carly

newlyweds dancing in the cellars of villa mangiacane

Welcome Party at Villa Mangiacane


The garden welcome party at Villa Mangiacane’s garden was simply magical. It marked the beginning of a joyous three-day celebration. The soon-to-be-married couple humbly welcomed their dear guests with sunset cocktails by the pool, setting a warm and inviting tone. As daylight faded into a canvas of deep blues, the gathering enjoyed delicious pizza and BBQ, all beneath a canopy of shimmering lights.

Adding to the charm was the heartfelt music from a folk band, weaving through the air and infusing every moment with joy. Photographing these beautiful souls as they danced, laughed, and shared heartfelt toasts with their cherished friends was an honor. The evening felt like a dream that whispered great things about the beautiful days to come.

The wedding at villa Mangiacane

What a day it was! After all the fun from the previous celebrations, I was super excited to capture their wedding at Villa Mangiacane. The bride, surrounded by her besties, got all dolled up inside the main villa. Mom was there, too, helping her into that stunning dress and veil. Those moments? They are absolutely precious and, honestly, some of my all-time favorites to snap.

The ceremony was a dream, bathed in the glorious Tuscan sun out in the garden. Then came the relaxed vibes during cocktail hour at the fountain garden – such a peaceful and delightful atmosphere. But oh my, dinner in the courtyard? Spectacular doesn’t even cut it!

As the sun dipped low, turning the sky into a masterpiece, the speeches had everyone hanging on every word. And let’s talk about that first dance – magical! The band kicked things into high gear, getting the newlyweds and all their pals boogying up front.

After a dress change, the bride joined her guests for late-night dancing inside the cellars. It was a bash that didn’t want to end, and I was there snapping away, capturing every joyful moment!

Sunset Rehearsal Dinner Party

In the garden of Villa Mangiacane

An exquisite rehearsal dinner took place on the second day of Carly and Chris’s joyous celebration. The couple warmly welcomed their guests in the enchanting fountain garden of Villa Mangiacane. Following a delectable aperitivo filled with a delightful assortment of Italian treats in the verdant backyard, everyone savored a sumptuous dinner of regional delicacies meticulously prepared by talented chefs on the lush lawn.

The tables adorned with elegant floral arrangements added an extra touch of sophistication to the charming atmosphere. As the night progressed, the enchanting canopy of lights above them transformed the lawn into a mesmerizing celestial starry sky, illuminating the joyful faces of the guests. Carly and Chris couldn’t have asked for a more magical start to their journey, surrounded by love, laughter, and the beauty of Tuscany.


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