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Wedding at Villa Cimbrone

a moment from the ceremony with a pink flowered arch in the background of the newlyweds

Lyndsey & Ryan

August 2022

A whimsical love story unfolding against the backdrop of Villa Cimbrone, an enchanting paradise perched along the stunning Amalfi Coast. Enter Lyndsey and Ryan, a duo whose journey led them from Seattle to this Italian haven for their dream wedding.

The allure of Villa Cimbrone is nothing short of magical. Its gardens, an evergreen canvas of natural beauty, provide an exquisite setting for celebrations, irrespective of the season. Every nook, from the villa’s opulent rooms to the mesmerizing pool area and even the crypt, exudes an ethereal charm. Yet, stealing the spotlight is Terrazza dell’Infinito – an awe-inspiring stage for capturing moments bathed in the golden hues of sunset, framing memories that’ll last a lifetime.

In this romantic haven, amidst the whispers of love, Emma Events weaved a tapestry of personalized perfection. Every detail bespoke Lyndsey and Ryan’s story, reflecting their personalities in a symphony of unique touches. And oh, the florals! They adorned every corner, infusing an air of grace and elegance into every glance.

What’s a celebration without music? Enter the coolest band, the Knights Club, setting the rhythm for a night of dance and jubilation. Laughter and joy echoed through the villa’s walls, creating an atmosphere that resonated with pure happiness.

But beyond the picturesque setting and splendid arrangements, Lyndsey's warmth stole the show. Her kindness, radiating through every interaction, transformed guests into cherished family members. Her infectious smile became the emblem of this celebration, lighting up the hearts of everyone present.

As an eyewitness to this fairytale, I can't express enough gratitude to Lyndsey and Ryan for sharing their magical moments. Being part of their special day was an absolute privilege—a testament to the power of love, laughter, and creating cherished memories in a place as wondrous as Villa Cimbrone along the Amalfi Coast.

table setting with flowers and candles
family photo on the terrace belvedere of Cilla cimbrone with the backdrop of the ocean and Amalfi coast a couple posing at sunset for the photographer on the belvedere terrace of Villa Cimbrone with the sea behind

These are amazing! Thank you for sharing this beautiful portfolio from our wedding!

Lyndsey - The Bride

newlyweds holding the hands during the ceremony with the impressive backdrop of the Amalfi coast behind

The Wedding at Villa Cimbrone


The much-awaited wedding day at Villa Cimbrone had finally arrived, and it was a whirlwind of joy! Lyndsey, surrounded by her cheerful bridesmaids, was getting all glammed up. I seized the opportunity to capture some lighthearted and candid moments before Ryan and Lyndsey shared their first look in the garden.

Prior to the ceremony, the couple wanted to capture most of their special moments. We had a blast roaming between the Tea-Room area and the Viale dell’Immenso, snapping pictures that radiated their love and excitement.

As we gathered on the terrace overlooking the enchanting garden, an arch adorned with stunning pink orchids awaited, creating an exquisite backdrop for the guests, celebrant, and the soon-to-be newlyweds.

The ceremony was incredibly touching, setting the stage for the rest of the day’s celebrations. During the cocktail hour, after some group and family photos, the bride and groom kicked off the festivities by dancing joyfully with their guests in the garden. Amidst the golden hues of the sunset, I managed to capture some breathtaking couple portraits on the infinity terrace while Emma Events worked their magic, transforming the crypt into a mesmerizing space with an imperial table.

The evening unfolded with an air of jubilation! Laughter echoed, feet tapped to the music, and the night was filled with endless joy and merriment.

Welcome Dinner at Monastero Santa Rosa


Lyndsey and Ryan’s wedding weekend commenced with a charming welcome dinner at a carefully chosen clifftop location. The picturesque Monastero Santa Rosa graced with its delightful gardens and a captivating view of Amalfi, set the perfect stage for the event.

Serendipitously, the sky painted itself in a rare display of pink hues, gradually transitioning into a midnight blue that beautifully merged with the sea on the horizon. Amidst this breathtaking scenery, the celebration began with a cocktail reception in the garden, where guests savored delectable canapés.

Later, everyone moved to the porch for a sumptuous seafood dinner, accompanied by joyful toasts of wine and champagne in anticipation of the wedding day that lay ahead.