Elegant Destination

Wedding at Villa Cimbrone

a moment from the ceremony with a pink flowered arch in the background of the newlyweds

Lyndsey & Ryan

August 2022

table setting with flowers and candles
family photo on the terrace belvedere of Cilla cimbrone with the backdrop of the ocean and Amalfi coast a couple posing at sunset for the photographer on the belvedere terrace of Villa Cimbrone with the sea behind

These are amazing! Thank you for sharing this beautiful portfolio from our wedding!

Lyndsey - The Bride

newlyweds holding the hands during the ceremony with the impressive backdrop of the Amalfi coast behind

The Wedding at Villa Cimbrone


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Welcome Dinner at Monastero Santa Rosa


Lyndsey and Ryan’s wedding weekend commenced with a charming welcome dinner at a carefully chosen clifftop location. The picturesque Monastero Santa Rosa, graced with its delightful gardens and a captivating view of Amalfi, set the perfect stage for the event. Serendipitously, the sky painted itself in a rare display of pink hues, gradually transitioning into a midnight blue that beautifully merged with the sea on the horizon.

Amidst this breathtaking scenery, the celebration began with a cocktail reception in the garden, where guests savored delectable canapés. Later, everyone moved to the porch for a sumptuous seafood dinner, accompanied by joyful toasts of wine and champagne in anticipation of the wedding day that lay ahead.