Graceful and Timeless

Wedding at Castello di Velona

Caitlin & Nick

May 2023

Caitlin and Nick’s wedding at Castello di Velona was truly a standout moment of 2023. Two magical days in Montalcino left me with a trove of beautiful memories. Let me tell you about Caitlin – she was an absolute vision, radiating both beauty and grace. It was evident why Nick was head over heels for her. She welcomed me with an unexpected hug, I just realized the days ahead were going to be filled with warmth and joy.

But it wasn’t just Caitlin and Nick who stole the show; the guests were incredible! Their genuine smiles and infectious energy made the celebration a joyous affair. I couldn’t help but admire the girls’ vibrant dresses, perfectly complementing the cheerful atmosphere and the stunning location.

Now, speaking of the venue – Castello di Velona is something else. Nestled in the heart of Val d'Orcia, surrounded by picturesque vineyards and rolling hills, it's like a scene from a postcard. And that sunset? Absolutely breathtaking!

As a luxury wedding venue, Castello di Velona is a dream come true, offering everything one could wish for in a legendary destination wedding.

newlyweds posing in the fields of tuscany with abbazia di sant'antimo in the background

Thank you so much!!! I am so in love with the photos I have cried multiple times. They are all so amazing and I have spent hours just looking through and re-living the best days :)

The bride

aerieal view of the wedding reception at night with the view of the tuscan hills

BBQ & Cocktail Welcome Party

With Breathtaking Tuscan Views

The celebration started off in style with a two-day extravaganza! Right from the get-go, there was this fantastic cocktail and barbecue shindig happening along the picturesque cypress-lined road leading up to the castle. Imagine this: stations dotted around, loaded with delicious nibbles and the most exquisite cocktails you could imagine.

But hold onto your hat, because the fun didn’t stop there! Live music kept the energy high and the guests entertained all evening long. They were in high spirits, dancing up a storm with Caitlin and Nick under the twinkling stars. It was a heartfelt way to show their love and celebrate the newlyweds in the most magical setting!

The day of the

Wedding at Castello di Velona

Ah, the sun finally graced us with its presence after a couple of cooler days, adding warmth to the atmosphere at Castello di Velona for this wedding. The bride and groom, alongside their families, prepped together in the suites, setting the scene for a heartwarming day.

The ceremony itself unfolded at Sant’Antimo Abbey, a quick five-minute drive from the castle. Guests were in for a treat as the bride made her grand entrance aboard a vintage Spiaggina, chauffeured by her dad.
The Catholic ceremony was truly touching, and I had the pleasure of capturing some beautiful moments of the couple amidst the picturesque fields of Val d’Orcia and against the castle walls.

While all this was happening, guests were soaking in the good times during the cocktail hour on the castle terrace. And let me tell you about the sunset – it was absolutely glorious! The landscape became this stunning canvas, creating the perfect backdrop for some breathtaking wedding photographs.

As for the dinner reception, the property set up this round table that perfectly followed the lines of the castle, and it was a sight to behold! They adorned it with hanging chandeliers and flowers, setting a romantic atmosphere. As dusk settled in and candlelight took over, the bride and groom shared laughs and conversations, giving me the perfect moments to capture.

The cake and after-party unfolded in the pool area, and here’s where the groom pulled off an incredible surprise for the bride: fireworks! It was a burst of colors that lit up the night sky. And as the guests danced, I bid them farewell, happy to have captured such a beautiful celebration!

Would you like to see a few photos from this gorgeous wedding at Castello di Velona?