wedding at Hotel Santa Caterina


newlyweds posing for the photographer during the portrait session for their wedding at hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi

Toni & Ryan

July 2023

Antonia and Ryan’s 2023 wedding at Hotel Santa Caterina was absolutely stunning! A huge shoutout to this fantastic couple, hailing all the way from Portland, with their unique and sophisticated taste. They created a mood board that defied the typical Amalfi Coast style, featuring dresses with rich colors and textures, floating flower clouds above the tables, and stylish touches like pampas grass. The groom sported a bold and original green look, showcasing their eclectic style, which I personally loved.

Let’s talk about Hotel Santa Caterina, a luxurious residence overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Amalfi Coast. Everything about it is breathtaking. Nestled among lemon groves and lush terraces with sea views, the suites are pure magic. An elevator takes you down to the cliffs, where there’s a pool that would make even Slim Aaron envious.

But beyond the gorgeous setting, the staff is the real gem; they are incredibly kind and friendly, adding an extra layer of charm to this beautiful residence.

Finally, let's dive into Antonia and Ryan's wedding vibe. It was laid-back, more like a gathering of friends (looking incredibly chic in their vibrant dresses) celebrating with the couple until the wee hours. The dinner was a delight, with fantastic food, wine, and, most importantly, a great atmosphere filled with laughter and camaraderie.

This is the recipe for a wedding and a life brimming with satisfaction. Whether you're from Portland or the Amalfi Coast, Toni and Ryan speak the universal language of personality and have it in abundance!

a kiss after the ceremony at Hotel Santa Caterina
ceremony setting with the view of Amalfi in the garden of hotel Santa Caterina

We had such an amazing time at the wedding and really enjoyed your direction and photos.

The bride

The wedding

At Hotel Santa Caterina

The bride got ready with her mom and friends, sharing toasts before slipping into her ceremony dress and having the first look with Ryan.

The ceremony unfolded in the garden overlooking Amalfi, where the Wedding Planners adorned the trees with many flowers, creating a romantic and eclectic atmosphere. The cocktail hour and dinner happened by the pool, where the sky’s blue seamlessly blended with the sea.

a kiss after the ceremony at Hotel Santa Caterina

Wedding at Hotel Santa Caterina

by Mood Videomaking Films


The Couple Session

in Amalfi

I’m thrilled to share some snapshots from this Amalfi portrait session with you. The shoot kicked off on the terrace at the Santa Caterina Hotel, not just to break the ice but also to shake off the morning grogginess.

The remaining photos were captured in a blissfully deserted Amalfi—lucky for me!