Elegant Autumn

Wedding at Villa Cimbrone

bride and groom posing for the photographer on the terrace of infinity with the beautiful backdrop of the Amalfi coast at sunset

Natalie & David


I am thrilled to share the extraordinary experience of Natalie and David’s three-day wedding at Villa Cimbrone, an event that embodied the love, beauty, and magic of a true fairy tale.

The extended weekend began with a welcome event that immediately captured the hearts of all on the Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone. With the breathtaking backdrop of the Amalfi Coast, guests enjoyed a warm welcome that set the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable experience.

The second day led us to an elegant poolside cocktail party, immersed in the enveloping atmosphere of autumn. The soft light contributed to creating an intimate and classy ambiance, perfect for celebrating love.

The autumnal climate added a special touch to every moment, with golden leaves gracefully dancing in the air and a gentle breeze wrapping guests in a delicate embrace. The season heightened the magic of Natalie and David’s wedding, offering a unique and enchanting experience.

The culmination of this triumph of love was the wedding day itself, an explosion of unmatched emotions and beauty. Villa Cimbrone, already spectacular in its own right, revealed its magnificence even in the fall, with its lush gardens and romantic corners providing a lovely backdrop for the ceremony and the following celebration. As the photographer of this extraordinary event, I am grateful to have captured every magical moment and radiant smile. Natalie and David have created a wedding that will linger in the hearts of all who had the privilege of being part of it.

the crypt with a flowered setup ready for dinner
the terrace of infinity shot from the drone bride and groom in the Avenue of Immensity
aerial view of the gardens of villa cimbrone in Ravello



Capturing the unique moments of Natalie and David’s welcome event at Villa Cimbrone was a magical experience. Before the guests arrived, I captured the sweet intimacy of the couple with some portraits on the beautiful grounds and gardens of the villa.

The Terrace of Infinity served as the perfect backdrop for the couple to greet their guests. The sunset painted the sky in warm hues, while the aperitif created an atmosphere of connection and joy. Surrounded by friends, Natalie and David enjoyed a warm embrace that set the stage for the brilliant beginning of this extraordinary wedding weekend.



The wedding day at Villa Cimbrone was a triumph of love and resilience. The day began with heavy rain, fortunately clearing just before the ceremony. The bride prepared with her bridesmaids, sharing intimate moments before the big step.

The ceremony took place in the tea room, adorned with colorful flowers that enhanced the magical atmosphere. The sunset cocktail hour on the Terrace of Infinity offered fantastic colors and moments of pure joy and connection.

The dinner in the crypt was a spectacular experience, featuring a champagne tower and heartfelt speeches in a relaxed atmosphere. The cake cutting in the garden, followed by dances, brought the day to a sweet and joyful close.



Natalie and David’s poolside cocktail party at Villa Cimbrone was an explosion of style and fun. Set by the pool, the event sparkled with golden cups serving sparkling cocktails. Guests, adorned in super colorful outfits, contributed to creating a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere.

As the photographer, capturing the mix of relaxed elegance and lively colors was a delight. This poolside party was the enchanting conclusion to an extraordinary wedding weekend, proving that sophistication and carefree vibes can dance together.


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