Romantic Yacht Club Gateway in Italy
Romantic Yacht Club Gateway in Italy
Romantic Yacht Club Gateway in Italy


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Romantic Yacht Club Gateway in Italy

Some prefer large weddings with many guests, other intimate elopements with their loved ones only. But when it comes to destination weddings in Italy, the possibilities are endless. These lovebirds know a little something about it, as they have chosen a Yacht Club Gateway in Italy to renew their wedding vows in the past summer.

After all, a beach wedding is a daydream for many lovers all around the world. Some people love the idea of a beach club to spend a few fantastic hours with their guests barefoot on the sand. Many others may opt for a venue in one of the many beach resorts that Italy offers, to enjoy the most spectacular backgrounds in the world for the reception and wedding photos. What could be more characteristic than the colourful little houses of Portofino and the Amalfi Coast to stage a celebration? If you look for beauty and charm, Italy is still unsurpassed. And if you can experience these goodies comfortably on a yacht, why ever not?

These lovebirds got ready together at the harbour club, before boating out for a sunset cruise and sailing among the most picturesque Italian scenery. They really wanted the mood to be light and lovely; to remember the experience of a day on the water, rather than the formality of a structured celebration. Both with their wedding outfits on, just a little more sporty than usual – but on the other hand, getting on a boat in a princely dress wouldn’t be that comfy. So I portray them in a beautiful natural light and gorgeous ocean views, celebrating with oysters and champagne, just the two of them, on a hot day, but freshened by the light breeze.

After sunset, at dusk, I witnessed the renewal of their vows, on the shores of the Yacht Club, followed by a candlelit dinner. Is there anything more romantic than this?

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Romantic Yacht Club Gateway in Italy



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